Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Review - Price in USA

Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Review - UPDATE Price in USA 2023

     Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Review - All right. So the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra heard of it, and if you follow absolutely any Tech Youtubers then of course the answer is yes, Because this is one of those phones that Us online nerds can't help but dribble over and bang on about incessantly. Now, I've had the S23 Ultra either in my pants or for Comfort reasons, a backpack pretty much since launch, and I've used it as my full-time smartphone for a good chunk of that time in between other phone reviews. And now, finally, here is my full in-depth Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review.

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    You might be asking, hey Chris, why did it take so long? Well, why does your mum make me dress like Wiley Coyote in the bedroom? It's just one of those little Mysteries.

    First up, let's address the elephant in the room and that is the elephant sized price tag. This blower costs from 1249 Pond, which is some crazy money, although the generous drilling scheme does take some of the sting out of it like Samsung giving you Gentle kisses and stroke in your hair as they bend you over the table. But is this Almighty phone actually worth that cash? And if not, what are the Alternatives? Well, as far as those looks go, the S23 Ultra certainly ain't anything to scream about.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Review - Price in USA

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Design

    While Rivals such as the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and the Honor Magic 5 Pro boast bold striking designs, Samsung's Giant instead goes down the smart and simple route. And don't get me wrong, it doesn't look bad by any means. It's just remarkably unremarkable, especially as it's practically a clone of last year's Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung has only made a few subtle refinements here and there, like an ever so slightly less curvy display. 

    and you've also got a bit of upgraded Gorilla Glass Victus 2 action to help prevent the screen and the rest of the phone from getting all banged up. and so far three months on I can see a few teeny Nicks on that screen and some light scratching on the back, so you will want to keep it in a case if you want it box fresh. Plus you got that Ip68 water industrial resistance, or the Galaxy S23 Ultra can get wet, steamy. whatever.

     Now one of the best upgrades you can't even see because Samsung is making these bad boys out of more recycled materials than ever before, including ocean-bound Plastics. So bung this thing in your pants and you're a friend of the fish.

    Now I'm guessing I probably won't shock you. Too bad when I say that the S23 Ultra is very big and rather heavy. I could just about stuff it into my jeans, but then when I sit down, at least one of these sharp Corners is generally violently wedged into my pancreas. Some people might enjoy that, Personally, I do not. It kind of makes me wish I had one of those Wee Man bags at times. 

    And yet sadly, the size of smartphone is swiftly becoming the norm. But they're all more compact Alternatives out there if you want them. The likes the Pixel 7, and of course, sometimes regular Galaxy S23, you've only got a small choice of colors when you purchase this phone, but that does include a rather lovely Moody green and this creamy color right here. Absolute Banger. Love it! Anyway, Samsung hasn't messed around much with the software side of things either.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra One UI 5.1 & features

    The Galaxy S23 Ultra runs Android 13, with one Ui 5.1 smashed on top. It's effectively the same sort of setup you'll get in something's much more affordable smartphones like the Galaxy A34 or the A54, so don't feel like you have to upgrade to the Ultra to get all of the features. And while there's not much in the way of new bits in 5.1 I am still a big fan of that automation, including Samsung's excellent mods, which can toggle features on your behalf depending on your location or the time of the day or what you're actually up to. 

    And as with Bixby routines, you can actually craft your own mods with some surprising depth in there. So for instance, my cat mode activates at 6 30 Pm every evening. Bessie shuts off all notifications, plays nice relaxing music on Deezer, and also prevents me from using any other apps as well so I can just concentrate on fuzzy tummy rubs. Let's forget about our bollocks. Everything is. unless of course that is, my cats are away murdering some Wildlife somewhere. In which case, I'm just sat there by myself alone with my thoughts.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra S Pen stylus

    Plus that is until I give it a poke down below and extract this skinny weed Delight.

    Now, the S Pen again hasn't really evolved for this generation, but it is a feature that you won't find in other flagships and any kind of Usp. Let's face it, it's pretty bloody remarkable these days when every Flagship smartphone is almost becoming a clone of each other. The pen is comfortable to clutch, and while you don't get the tactile feedback of an E-paper device, those pressure levels are on point.

    Now, personally, I only occasionally yank out my S Pen in order to scribble some notes or sign a document. That's about it, but I know plenty of fellow Tech nodes who find this thing indispensable be it for sketching up a storm to relieve some stress or just writing down some notes and memos. although I still don't know anyone who actually uses it as a remote control still find that a bit weird. And whatever you do, don't lose this bloody thing. Otherwise, that's another 50 Quidual or Samsung now. Basically every flagship phone these days comes with a stunning screen.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Display & audio

    and the S23 Ultra of course, does not disappoint. That 6.8 inch AMOLED panel spaffs out pin shop eye candy courtesy of the Quad Hd Plus resolution. And man do I love those vibrant visuals with this Vivid mode switched on. Dolby Vision is Mia, but you do have Hdr 10 support plus 100 20 Hertz refresh. And let me tell you, this panel is so bright it's practically blind and so you'll have no trouble seeing what's going on. 

    Even if you, you know, go to a foreign country where they occasionally have a bit of sunshine and the S23 Ultra stereo speakers setup is pretty well balanced and they belt out some beefy audio nice and loud and clear. I found the Bluetooth 5.3 wireless streaming is Flawless, complete with that tasty Dolby Atmos action. So if you are a movie or music lover, you'll certainly enjoy the S23 Ultra. Although I wouldn't say it's really heads and shoulders above any of the competition in this area and now up to now.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Performance & gaming

    I would say if you've still got last year's Galaxy S22 Ultra, there's no real reason to upgrade to the S23 Ultra. Until that is we talk about performance Qualcomm. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 replaces the Samsung exynos of yesteryear, and frankly, it's like replacing a wet weekend in Wolverhampton with an all-inclusive Cruiser on the Bloody Bahamas. Samsung has apparently overclocked the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 stuffed inside of this thing, although the benchmarking results weren't quite as good as what I saw on some Rivals. But hey, it's all a lot of bollocks anyway. 

    And who really cares because the performance is Top Notch here every day, running is smoother than my Baldy Bonds and you can max out any game on here. No worries, the S23 Ultra can get a little warm when you're gaming for a while, but not so toasty that you start to worry or the performance up. And yeah, Samsung's gaming mode is pretty basic compared with a lot of Rivals like the Xperia and that Xiaomi 13 Ultra. But at least again, block notifications and prevent your mum from messaging you in the middle of a Call of Duty session and thrown off your entire game.

    Now, one of the advantages of making your smartphone the size of a Zeppelin is the fact that you can cram in An Almighty battery.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Battery life

    And so it's not a massive shocker that Samsung has crammed a 5 000 milliamp hour cell inside of this Frame. and the battery life on this thing. Oh, forget a chef's kiss. It's a full-on chef snug with extra tongue action and some awkward but strangely agreeable groping. No, seriously, this thing is harder to kill than Jean-claude Van Damme. After being encased in concrete, wrapped in barbed wire and guarded by a family of hungry and pissed off lions with oozies, It doesn't matter what you do, you can go camera crazy. You can stream, video, play games, Google your favorite actor only to discover that yes, they are a sex pest. You'll easily make it through a full intensity, even with like seven eight hours of screen on time. 

    And yeah, that is no doubt in part down to the chipset change. And when you do finally manage to drain this thing well, you've got 45 watt wide charging and a lovely spot of wireless charging as well. So it's not the nippiest around, but it's certainly quicker than the Iphone 14 pro Max. And it's considerably faster than the Pixel 7 Pro.

    Which brings us finally on to another reason beyond the S Pen to grab the S23 Ultra over the plus, and that is the all-new 200 Meg adaptive Pixel Hp2 camera.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Camera

    This isn't as big as sensors found in Rivals like the Xiaomi 13 Pro, but hands down, this is one of the best smartphones for capturing memories and making them look really bloody good, whether you're buggering about down the Diy shop or taking in breathtaking Vistas on the other side of the world. And this is all just in full auto mode too. Just point and shoot like those Pixel phones. no brain power required.

    by default, The S23 Ultra uses 16 in one pixel Benin versus nine in one on the old S22 Ultra, while also benefiting from Samsung's enhanced Super Quad pixel autofocus. This uses that 200 Meg sensor to accurately determine distances and keep your subject perfectly crisp. And let me tell you, this phone almost never pumps out a fuzzy or blurry shot, even in the most tricky light and conditions. You can boost colors and enhance textures with Samsung scene Optimizer mode, or go for a more natural Vibe by shutting it off. that's completely up to you.

    The S23 Ultra is fantastic for capturing accurate tones with the portrait mode impressing even in proper law light. And as for Hdr situations, well, the Ultra is again better than most of its peers, including the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Only the Huawei P60 Pro has a slight Edge in these high contrast circumstances. Speaking of the P60 Pro, that also has the Galaxy slightly beat when it comes to night snaps, but the S23 Ultra is a very close second.

     Low light picks still pack in a serious amount of fine detail, and this phone keeps noise of beer with a cocky Swagger. Just make sure your subject is still, otherwise there might be a little bit blurred, and while colors might be a little bit boosted at nighttime, compared with other flagships, this does allow for a more attractive final result.

    As for the other lenses slapped on the arson there, well, there's no real changes versus the old S22 Ultra. The 12 Meg Ultra wide angle shooter is fine, though not as capable in Darker conditions especially again if there's any kind of motion. And you also have dual 10 Meg telephoto Shooters one working at three times optical zoom, the other offer in 10 times Zoom so you can pinch all the way in up to 100 times if you like, and that zoom lens is still among the greatest.

     On par with Huawei P60 Pro in everything but more ambient lighting where things certainly get a little softer and murkier here on the S23 Ultra, No real surprises when it comes to the bonus camera modes here on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It's absolutely stuffed with extra bits like the obligatory food mode expert Raw which has now been integrated in there. You've got the pro mode as well if you actually want to fiddle around with the individual camera settings.

    If you want to tweak your photo after you've taken it, well, you've got more options now in the gallery app, and I also recommend downloading Samsung's enhanced X app from its very own app store. This can be helpful if you want to remove Shadows or nasty Reflections when shooting through glass. Definitely check out my shorts on the app for a closer look.

    Now in video mode, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is once again an absolute belter. You can shoot up to 8K resolution video now with the wider than ever view an angle and at 30 frames per second, I'll choose from 30 or 60 Fps in 4k modes. Either way, the visuals are crispy, the colors are true to life, and that stabilization is tastily smooth even when you're wondering about the place and panning the camera. And the only time I saw the focus struggle even a teeny bit was when shooting a flamboyant metal band with lasers and flail and Limbs and all kinds of shenanigans going off. And even then, the S23 Ultra mostly kept up with it all.

    And last up, Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra Sports a 12 Meg selfie cam that's fewer MPS than before, but it's still pretty good as long as you've got a decent bit of lighting. Otherwise, your snaps can get a bit grainy and dark with flaccid tones and that right there.

    My lovelies is my full final Frank thoughts on the Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung a good three months or so after launch, and I gotta say, almost every aspect of this Smartphone is bloody marvelous.


    Everything apart from obviously that's Sky High asking price. you've got a couple of reasons to upgrade from the previous generation, including the upgraded camera attack and that absolutely oh yes please performance. and there's also a couple of incentives to upgrade from the S23 Plus to the S23 Ultra, including the S Pen Stylus. if you think you're going to get some use out of that and again, the camera Tech is a big Improvement, especially in those low light conditions. But what are the Alternatives right now? 

    Well, you've got that Huawei P60 Pro, which brought some even better camera, especially that telephoto shooter in low light is just absolutely mind-boggling But then of course you've got the lack of Google Wars, the lack of 5G action as well. And there's always the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which you know again, impresses in pretty much every area though has some similar software Wars. The fact that it's an actual bugger to buy right now is also a massive check against it.

    My personal pick for the best rival to the Galaxy S23 Ultra would be the Pixel 7 Pro still, which conveniently cost a few hundred quid less as well. The camera Tech is again tops and I love that stock Android Vibe, though the performance and the battery life can't quite match the S23 Ultra Man. 

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Price in USA

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Price in USA 1199.99 $ 256 GB.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Price in USA 1619.99 $ 1TB.

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Price in USA 1199.99$ 512 GB (Save $180 on select colors)

    Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra Review - Price in USA

    which is no good one

    Ui feels really slick here on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Those animations are creamy smooth. There's no slowdown at all, but Samsung's usual sins are present, including a doubling up of pretty much every Android and Google service go on, App Store, Nfc, payments, Health tracking, smart home Shenanigans, even the new battery widget that Google introduced on the latest Android has a Samsung variant here. And of course, then there's Bixby Bixby. And I gotta say, I do always use the Google variants of all of these Services rather than the Samsung ones.

     But that is of course because I am reviewing a different Android phone pretty much every week, so it does make more sense that way. But I do also prefer the pixel exclusive features the likes the call screening versus any exclusive stuff you get on a Samsung smartphone. Thankfully though, I haven't experienced any buggy behavior in the past month or so, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has been a good we chap, very well behaved and that end display finger sensor is still one of the best of any smartphone backed by reliable Face Unlock.

    Unlike Google, Samsung is offering a good few years of security and Os updates for the Galaxy S23 Ultra as well, so it may cost a pretty whopping huge amount of cash, but at least it'll last you a while if you're not too keen on spaffing out a huge Ward every single year on a fresh new flagship.

    Oh, and speaking of huge Wods, you will have to Cuff up a bit more change if you want to upgrade the 256 gigs of storage to either 512 or a full terabyte. I know there's no micro Sd memory card support on this thing either, but hey, at least Samsung didn't start at 128 gigs unlike some other overpriced Appley type Flagship smartphones. Now so far, there's really been bugger all difference between this here S23 Ultra and the couple 100 quid cheaper S23.

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