Nothing Phone 2 Review 2023

    Nothing Phone 2 Review 2023 - So I've had my Sims slapped inside the Nothing Fawn 2 for over a week. Although a better name for this flashy blow-up might be the Nothing Fun Plus because it isn't directly replacing last year's Nothing Phone One, this is a more premium handset for those who want extra features and a bit more Grunt and are willing to throw an extra 179 pounds at coal pier and Core. But not for intro waffles.

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    Nothing Phone 2 Review 2023

    Nothing Phone 2 Design

    This 6.7-inch thankfully doesn't feel much bigger when you massage it as those bezels have shrunk a bit, and the handset is a wee bit skinnier, but you've still got those iPhone-style flat edges, and that curvature is subtle to see the least. So while the Nothing Fun 2 isn't uncomfortable to clutch, it's not exactly a hand-pleaser. And if you wear skinny jeans, good like rubbing it in your pocket. Still, while casual Tech enthusiasts may have struggled to tell the first and second Nothing Fawns apart, you can't deny that these are fun, unique, and strangely alluring smartphones. Depending on your neighborhood at that, hyperactive discourse will elicit gasps of Wonder When You Yank It Out down your local or get you slapped.

    As with the previous generation, the Nothing Fawn 2 comes in a choice of just two colors: dark gray or white. And while I prefer the lighter model in the original Nothing Phone one, I'm certainly more drawn to the dark gray effort this time. It's not so dark that you can't see all of the little interesting details of Nothing's design, but it helps to accentuate the glyph lights when those are doing their Bobby Dazzler routine. 

    And so far, the Nothing Fun To have proven to be pretty bloody sturdy so far that aluminum Prim has only a tiny wee scuff in one corner from where the phone possibly slipped through a hole in my shorts and clattered to a hard floor. The pre-installed screen protector has helped to prevent any damage to that display. And as for the glass tastic ass, While not a single scratch or scuff anywhere on that to be seen, this morphed is tougher than a whole Army of Bruce Lee's off their tits on sackfuls of poppers. And the Nothing Fun too is Ip54 dust and water resistance.

     Or, while you certainly shouldn't take it in the shower to check your messages first thing in the morning, it can endure a bit of a hearty downpour, as you'd expect from a phone designed by a British team.

    One of the highlights of Nothing Fun, too, for me, has been Nothing Os.

    Nothing OS 2.0

    Nothing Phone 2 Review 2023

    With a fresh lick of paint or, more accurately, completely drained of color, this monochrome finish may sound rather dull and depressing, which again suits the British Vibes, but I found it refreshing. The idea behind these colorless Vibes is that it helps reduce distractions and therefore reduce unnecessary screen time, and it seems to bloody work. Different people will respond to it in different ways. Still, I found that without bold, colorful logos stem me in the face every time I yank this thing out of my pocket and unlock it, I was less likely to tap on social media Shenanigans and therefore waste a whole bunch of time. I just got on with whatever I wanted to do when I yanked it out of my pants in the first place.

    And if you're not convinced, all right, then Fussy Bollocks. Don't worry because you can have a stock Android experience instead if you fancy that. Although you have to specify whether you want the Nothing or West layout or that stock Android experience when you first set up the phone, I'm not sure if you could switch between the two without fully resetting the bugger.

    Anyway, Nothing Os version 2 serves up plenty of other Nifty upgrades to the lock screen, the folders, and all kinds of stuff, and that glyph lighten has been improved and split into even more sections with bonus functions chucked in that are Nothing fun to exclusives.

    Nothing Phone 2 Glyph features

    So, for instance, the glyph timer is quite funky and a great way to track time without seeing any distractions on that lock screen. Although it is only an approximate measure as it's just a glow and fuse that dwindles to Nothing. So while it's quite good for seeing giving yourself an hour before you need to stop work and eat some food, it could be better if you're cooking or baking.

    And as I'm not an Uber user, I still need to test out a similar feature, which gives you a glyph countdown until your ride arrives. I see that being a good one. For the likes of Justy Deliveries, you're playing a game; you're watching a movie. You want to avoid constantly picking up your phone, lock it, and check out how long it is before your Kfc bargain bucket arrives. But if you've got your Ford Fiesta and can casually glance across and see how long is left on that fuse timer before that, our bucket of Heaven arrives.

    However, the flip to the glyph feature was a wee bit wonky for me, especially when traveling by train. Occasionally it would take a wee while to activate or not activate at all, maybe caused by the vibrations on the thing, and I also struggled with it when I laid it down on a sofa or some kind of surface that wasn't completely flat. Hopefully, those early doors will get sorted out in a future software update.

     And likewise, this past week, I found that Do Not Disturb was constantly activating on its Lonesome. And this could be because I stuck a widget on the lock screen, which was getting nudged. But I love that fresh new essential notifications feature you can set for any app or your most beloved of contacts. So, for instance, activate it for your sweetheart. And then, when they message, you will be constantly notified by the glyph light until you bother to pick up the phone and read that message. Very handy if you've wandered off and missed the original thing trickling through.

    Anyway, a couple of Wee bugs aside, I liked Nothing Os 2 rather a lot. There's tons of great stuff packed in here, and of course, a few bits that could use some tweaks to make them even better. And if you want a full tour of all of that software Shenanigans, I've done you a full Nothing. Os 2 Tips, tricks, and best features guide in a separate video, so if you have a good old squint at that. Oh, and before I forget, Nothing is planning three Os updates and four years of regular security updates for Nothing Fun, too, so it won't be a useless slab anytime soon.

    Nothing Phone 2 Updates & security

    Own Cross Fingers This past week, I've also had subtle issues with the optical fingerprint sensor. I just remembered that I needed to set up face recognition for the first few days because I did not need to use it.

    And the Nothing Fawn 2 also offers more storage options than the previous generation. You've got between 128 and 512 gigs of storage, suddenly not expandable via micro Sd memory cards.

    Now, the Nothing Fun Too serves up a bigger 6.7-inch Oled screen, and while it's not as sharp as some mid-range Rivals like the Honor 90 and the Oneplus Nord3, it is still undeniably a treat for your peepers.

    Nothing Phone 2 Display & audio

    While my sample doesn't support Hdr streaming on Netflix yet, I found that that contrast was still just as crispy and cinematic extravaganzas look Lush, even weird, like this Avatar thing. The panel is super bright, so I had no trouble seeing what was happening when the Sun was shining, even when I was wearing Shades. And it's our lovely bit of Ltp Auto Tech, dynamically scaling from One Hertz to 120 hertz when needed.

    And the Nothing Fawn 2 has some serious audio Swagger and all those stereo speakers sure can cough out some loud and clear sound for watching YouTube when you're bashing about the kitchen.

    No, there's no headphone jack, obviously, but I had to bugger all issues with Bluetooth streaming apart from this one time when I lost connection with my headphones in London Bridge Station. That was it for the entire week. And if you've got yourself, some of Nothing's on truly wireless earbuds where you'll get full custom controls baked into that Bluetooth menu. And go check out my review of these as well.

    Now Kim is absolutely surprised when Nothing was revealed that the Snapdragon 8 plus Gen 1 would be powering the Nothing Fun, too, because that was common knowledge even though we're back in Bloody February.

    Nothing Phone 2 Performance & gaming

    And while it's not the latest Qualcomm chipset, it's still more than good enough to ensure a smooth seal in whatever you're up to, including realizing you have absolutely no idea what you're supposed to be doing in lazy Genjen Impact. No matter how many circles you run in or weird and seemingly pointless side quests you complete, you'll be Charmed by a stable frame rate, even on those higher graphic settings. Yes, I saw one or two Jetters while I was gaming when things got a bit crazy, and on one occasion, the Nothing Fun did have a complete meltdown and crashed mid-game, but overall, it was a solid experience. 

    You've got Nothing's gaming mode, which is the stock Android effort, so it is rather limited compared with some Rivals, but that notifications blocking Works a treat, at least. And the Nothing Fawn 2 can keep its cool as those precious hours of your all too finite existence go tumbling Through The Hourglass, never to be retrieved. And speaking of Life, the battery is another bit of this big old beauty that doesn't disappoint.

    Nothing Phone 2 Battery

    You've got a slightly bigger 4700 milliamp hour capacity cell, which usually takes at least six hours of screen time to drain, even if you're making good use of that camera and streaming plenty of music and podcasts in the background when the phone is hibernating. I've certainly never feared running out of juice, even when my day never seemed to end. And while the 45-watt wide charging is certainly the nippiest around, it does mean that the Nothing Formed to can be refilled in under an hour, even if it's completely drained, which certainly beats the pixels of this world. You've also got a tasty bit of Wireless charge chucked in. Oh yeah, and the tips of the charging cable are transparent now, so that's nice. Hooray for transparent tips!

    So let's finish this delightful, Nothing fun to review with a smashing bit of camera action; this blower comes packing a fresh camera sensor, the Sim 50 Mega Imax 890 as the Oneplus Note 3, and even the Oneplus 11 Flagship with some Optical image stabilization chucked in for good measure.

    Nothing Phone 2 Camera

    And for this 2023 model, Nothing has also upgraded the Isp. The good news is that this fresh new hardware-software combo has improved the photo quality, at least in some circumstances. My test picks certainly didn't look processed to my eyes, at least often a more natural Vibe than other mid-range phones I've recently tested, like the Honor 90. As with Google's Pixel 7A, this Nothing Mobile can accurately replicate colors you capture in the wild, so vivid, vibrant stuff looks just as lovely on your screen. The Nothing Fawn 2 also boasts more advanced Hdr photo capture with 8 levels of exposure rather than the measly 3 of the first phone. I noticed little difference in Outdoors, but you don't have to worry about bright backdrops or other tricky shots. This handset can usually call absolutely fine again without over-processing a scene like the iPhone loves to do.

    Ambient Snaps are an improvement now. You've got more natural colors, crisper whites, and lots of fine detail packed in there, and very low-light shots also come out rather well. I didn't see much grainy guffin vid in my night snaps. While the focus is still fast to react, it's just a blown-out light source that detracts from otherwise decent picks. And naturally, you have a portrait mode that can add a striking bokeh Style effect, usually without bollocks and it up and blowing out the thing you're trying to shoot.

    The second lens slapped on the Nothing Fawn 2 is an ultra-wide effort, this time a 50-meg Samsung Gn1 sensor, and even though it's a different sensor from a different manufacturer, swapping between this and the primary shooter isn't too jarring. Those colors are almost as natural, and you get two lenses here. There's no telephoto shooter, and if you crop into your photos well, you get quite pixelated results if you're enthusiastic. But Nothing fun to serve up a 50-megapixel high-resolution mode, but this only helps a little as it only has a little extra detail. It's not worth bothering with, and if you're a video fan.

     Well, Nothing has also upgraded that side of things. So now you can record 4K footage at 60 frames per second fluid. And again, this blower doesn't disappoint. The stabilization stops things from getting all pukey if you're shooting on the Move. While that picture quality gets a thumbs up, even in more ambient light, there are no mishaps on the audio side, either. The Nothing Fun too clearly captures everything and isn't perturbed by a strong gust or two.

    And finally, Nothing's selfie cam has also been upgraded to a 32 Meg Imx 715 shooter, and it's fine in ambient conditions. Things get murky and grainy again, but it's not too confused by strong backlighting, and the portrait mode works quite well. So right there, my Lovelies is my full final Frank review of Nothing Fawn 2.


    And I enjoyed my week using this as my full-time blower. There's enough fresh stuff and funky new features and upgrades stuffed inside of there to justify that price hike. You've got some software junk so far. That's to be expected.

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