VanMoof - Vanmoof S5 Review The Most Sophisticated Ebike

    VanMoof - Vanmoof S5 Review 2023 - Hey, Ryan from me, Bike Escape! I'm on location today. As you can see behind me, this is not the United States; this is not Wisconsin, and today we will be checking out an electric bike from a company that has raised over a hundred million dollars. 

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    VanMoof - Vanmoof S5 Review The Most Sophisticated Ebike

    So many bikes in The Netherlands

    VanMoof - Vanmoof S5 Review

    So I am currently in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where biking has a much different use case than the United States. At least a lot of people use bikes for various reasons. We're here for a month, and the bike infrastructure, as you can see, is super impressive. And to get to the tram over there, you have to watch out for different types of Transportation. You can see this is a protected bike lane, so not only bikes but also mopeds and electric mopeds. It's cool.

     I'll tell you more about the bike that we're going to be reviewing today. Foreign Off the tram, and now we have about a 16-minute walk. One of the things that I have been most appreciating about living here for a month is the treatment of pedestrians and bikers. There are actual crosswalks where the cars will slam on their brakes up for you to cross, so that's just super nice. Not something that we see where we live, in other places in the United States. If you don't already know, you saw the video's title.

    Introduction to VanMoof

    So we are reviewing the Van Move S5. They also have the A5. These are their higher-end models, and they first came out in spring 2022, so it's their next generation of bikes. They do have some more affordable ones now. I put a pole out there and asked people whether I should review the A5 or the S5. And not surprisingly, there were some negative comments because these are 3 500 or so electric bikes, and compared to the Us, they are slightly underpowered. 

    If you're looking for power, you will look at these bikes. I think they're trash, but in this video, I hope to convince you why they are so popular, why the company has raised so much money, and if I did or changed your perspective. Even just seeing the scenery around here. Let me know in the comment section below, but I believe it was Ryan Johnson, the Jay Leno of electric bikes. He's building a car-free city in the United States and Arizona. So he's the one who got me more excited about these bikes and told me and encouraged me to take a look.

    So if you think that I am biased, I am not. I'm coming to this review with an open perspective as well. But one of the first selling points is that there are test ride centres. I'm just walking to a test ride and Service Center here in Rotterdam, and that's worth something and, of course, will increase the cost a little bit. But some of you who live in the US bought an electric bike directly from the consumer and didn't have the service you would have liked; you can appreciate this first selling point.

    Okay, so we're almost there now, and I hope that with the test ride, I just signed up for a test ride, much like anyone else would. So I'm hoping that the employee is willing to go through all the specs because there's a lot to these electric bikes that I don't think I could do justice for just spending 30 minutes with. So we'll see you at the test ride Center in Rotterdam next.

    All right, we made it, We got the uh Van Move sign up there, and we've got the bikes out here before we jump into the bike.

    VanMoof S5 walk-around and specs

    If I helped persuade you to purchase a van move, there would be a link in the description if you use that link to make your purchase. It helps support your bike escape and makes videos like this one possible. Thanks in advance for your support! Also, if you want to see us review a Us version on our turf in the United States Upper Hill Climb, test things like that, let me know in the comment section below and give this video a like, and hopefully, the Van Move team will see that and allow us to do a future review on some of their other models.

    All right with that, let's get into the store and see what this bike offers. All right. We have the S S5 here and the A5. Those are the differences. This is more of a low step, and then we have the high-set Model, the only colour they're offered in. Yeah, so where's the Olive Garden? It's a glossy grey colour, so we have someone from Bambooth who will walk us through everything. Make sure I don't crash, make sure I understand the controls, and uh, we'll go from there.

    This is our all-new form of S5. We're very proud to present it because we are very happy with how it turned out.

    Here is an overview of Dubai's work and its general idea. A big part of the small philosophy is that it should be as easy to use as possible, worry-free first free. That's why most things on the bike are self-explanatory—the motors in the front wheel. As soon as you start pedalling, the motor will start assisting. It works with a torque sensor that is in the cranking Mill. What happens is it shifts automatically. It has three gears, and depending on the speed, it will shift up and down by itself. You have to pedal, and you'll figure out the rest by yourself.

    Another cool feature about the bike. That's honestly; it's kind of addictive. Not going to lie, it's this one that's the Boost button, and it does exactly what you think it does. Uh, it gives you a boost. Um, you'll just be using it all the time because it's very nice, especially when riding around the city. You'll have all these traffic lights all over the place if you stop and go. and stop and go. When you go, you hold it, and you fly off. There's even an improved motor to the previous Model, so it's even stronger. And the way it's calibrated and everything gives you the most grip and, um, just off-the-line speed you can get. Let me turn it on. Let's see if he looked it or not. He did not.

    So what you heard right there was the bike unlocking the last Model. We had a display right here because we completely restructured the bike and changed everything. Um, we also got rid of that. Now we use these halo rings, so we have this one, indicating your battery percentage. So you see, this one's full and will drain from there to there, and this will light up when your bike starts moving. So it's a speed indicator. Of course, it doesn't show the exact speeds you can use your phone for that.

    There are two sets of buttons on each side. Of course, this is the Boost Button, as I explained, and this is the button to set the assistance level. So it has four levels of assistance, and it makes well. It makes a lot of sense. The first gives you the least motor power to respond to what you're telling yourself, and the fourth gives you the most. You set it by holding this, and you see this lights up that's full. So it's level four. Click again. Now the motor is off Level zero one two three four. Some people take one, two, three, four if you turn off the lights. If you hold this, you see the bike lights will turn off. They hold it again; then it will turn on again.

    These buttons. Now these are the available functions, but they will probably change. Cars and stuff like that may have different buttons that can be programmed with future sulphur updates and development messages. See if user input and everything. You can configure them either yourself, or we will have different function forms and stuff like that. Uh, but that's something that still, uh, has to be rolled out. For now, it's lighting and assistance level. Hopefully, you're able to configure them yourself.

    So now also something that I very much love about the bike. It's the lock on the bike show like this; there are lines on the chain guard and the rear axle. Putting them next to each other lets you tap your foot against the black thing right there. So either you can give it a little tap, and the bike is locked. So it will lock the rear wheel, and the alarm must also turn on in a bit. And this means that these people are moving the bike back and forth. They, uh, it will start screaming. Of course, it doesn't happen immediately because it could be intrusive if you're trying to put the bike away.

     See, when it happens, here you are. So you see the lights and on the handlebars, and it will keep on screaming. [Music] This is our theft alarm, and it works. So I used it to keep the bike outside my door. One day I woke up, opened my door, and the bike was gone. Oh my God, this is not happening. Look at the left; Nobody looked to the right. There, it was 10 meters shorter because I didn't understand. It kept making this noise, and it was locked, and they couldn't figure it out, so I just left it there.

    You can connect with the bike through your phone with Bluetooth. There you can change all kinds of settings and just your general display. It will also sense if you're near, so it will sense that you're coming closer and will open up automatically. You can grab it and walk off or say, "Okay, I see this close.

     I press one button once, and you can take it out. If your phone is dead or you want to lend a bike to someone who isn't connected by phone, you can use the code to unlock the device. The codes for this bike are one two one. Of course, you pick your own goals, and you open up. You hold this. There you go. These three options cancel one two one; then it will jump out.

    Wellness is just all very high-quality stuff. We have hydraulic perforated disc brakes, which are very powerful and very nice to use. All these things are also made in-house, so we're very much in charge of what we put on.

    So the Us models are the same? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So it's, um, the same bike. It will be faster and will be regulated through the bike software. No, they are chained. Let's see; there's tons of, you know, protection here. So this bike is meant to be left outside. Exactly. So we are in the Netherlands, and we do love our bikes. Uh, and we don't expect people to buy a bike to leave it inside all day.

     It's a huge product. It's meant to be used, so we pay attention to ensuring it can be used rigorously. Of course. The chain guards more than a chain protector or something like that, so it's put in there. We moved the chain tensioner up front. It's now in there, so there's even less that can be hit by another bike in the back or, uh, stuff like that. So it's very. There are no lights that can break calls or no stuff that really can get kicked off, and this tube is mostly reserved for houses.

    Uh, the computer for the controller computers, stuff like that on the Uh for a bike. Uh, so this is going to be the phone carrier.

    VanMoof accessories

    It's very, uh oh, very much, very well attached. And because there's not a lot of space at the front of the bike, so you see right here, it'll be right there. We take off the headlight and move the front so it will have the uh, um, the light will not be extracted while still having the most space available. Also, we made it much better than the last Uh Model because now we have different attachment points to put the basket on instead of just in here. It looks better; it's sturdier and all around just better. 

    This is going to be the rear carrier for the extra five. It's going to be for the A5. It looks different because the shape of the bike is different. Yeah, it's mostly meant for just putting bags on. Um, so we've got these all better bags, stuff like that that can be used for it, and there are systems we sell for it with, uh yep, which is a very known, yeah exactly. Uh, just a clamp that comes on here. You can use it to put the seat on the back, which will be locked with the key.

    Everything from our electric bundles to the older ones. We don't service, but we make an appointment online. We come within 48 hours. I know that in Amsterdam, there are already around 25 26 000. uh, electric bronze riding around, which is pretty crazy.

    Numbers: If you, uh, you've probably been to Amsterdam, you've You can't escape them like they're everywhere. They're everywhere. All right.

    My review of the VanMoof S5

    It's time for a test ride on the S5. Let's get into it.

    It's probably obvious by now, but I want to reiterate that Van Move E-bikes are made for urban environments. Not to say you can't use them elsewhere, but it feels at home in the Netherlands, and the same can be said for other major cities in the United States. It's important to emphasize just how much City dwellers will value the anti-theft features on Van Move E-bikes Heck, they even have anti-theft insurance for purchase to recover or replace your stolen E-bike up to three times. And they've smartly turned this into bike hunt videos on their Youtube channel, where they sometimes recover customers' bikes with the local authorities help.

    The S5 and A5 are priced at just shy of 3 500. And yes, a majority of the E-bikes we featured on this channel are significantly less expensive than this. Then Move also offers the S3 and X3 priced at 2500. Still expensive, but keep in mind for most people buying these E-bikes, it is their primary or at least major mode of Transportation. It's a luxury choice, but it's clear after my test ride that you're paying for some engineering. It feels like the E-bike of choice for someone who enjoys having the latest tech. Of course, the design is also clean, very Apple-esque if you ask me. Accessories-wise, the fenders and chain guard are nice Touches for the city. Plus, there is an electronic belt.

    Let's talk about the nice Sp Connect integration for using your phone while riding this E-bike; this is the Sp Connect which I recently featured in a different video with the new free bikes they started, including that. This is a clamping system, so you don't have to buy the case. You can buy the clamp for your phone, so that's nice.

    The 50.7-pound weight for the S5 and 48-and-a-half pound weight for the A5 and thinner profile means this E-bike will be easier than most E-bikes to bring into your house or apartment for storage or to charge it up.

    So how did it ride? Super smooth? The torque sensor pedal assist makes you forget you're riding an electric bike, except when you're using the Boost button, which for a 250-watt motor, still feels thrilling. The automatic shifting kicked in smoothly in the background, and while you can feel the shift changes, it operates quietly in the background. 

    The Cadence have different gears and speeds felt good to me, never spinning my legs too fast but not needing to provide a significant amount of effort either. The brakes worked as expected, with plenty of stopping power for sudden stops with the hydraulic disc brake bikes. With the motor in the front, the van moved.

     E-bikes are all-wheel drive, as human power turns the rear wheel, which can help with traction on wet pavement. Geometry-wise, the swept-back handlebars make for a comfortable Dutch riding position and seem like they would be comfortable for longer rides. The A5 and X3 models accommodate Riders down to around five feet tall. Not only are these models more accessible, but they also should feel more agile.

    And, of course, we need to talk more about the Van Move Boost button. This is necessary in an environment with frequent stops and goes, allowing you to zip around other bikers easily. Of course, in the Us, you can travel at even higher speeds. As a Class 1 E-bike with speeds up to 20 miles per hour, that would be appreciated on more open roads compared to what I experienced on my test ride. Let's see the Boost button in action. All right, here we go:

    Boost Mode I'm on the bumps there. I like feeling the motor skipping, so you get a decent amount of torque with that boost button. That's cool. I love the Boost button. That might get folks who might not think this bike has enough power a little bit more on board with this bike.

    A reminder to check out the link in the description to help support E-bike Escape if you plan to purchase any Van Move E-bike. Other helpful resources are down in the description as well. And yeah, not too many helmets around here, and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about mopeds and bikers sharing the same Lane.

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