This is called democracy


    This is called democracy

    This is called democracy

    There were 100 students in a hostel. "Singara" was served daily in their tiffin. But 80 out of 100 people did not want to eat the same food every day. They applied to the hostel super for some other food in tiffin. But the remaining 20 people wanted to eat Singarai every day.

    Finally the hostel organized a super vote and said that the dish which gets the most votes will be served in the tiffin every day.

    The poll showed that those 20 students voted for Singara every day.

    The remaining 80 people voted exactly like this -

    Dalpuri - 18 people

    Parotta and Vegetables - 16 people

    Bread and gram dal - 13 people

    Butter bread - 11 people

    Noodles - 10 people

    Vegetable Roll - 7 people

    Eggtoast - 5 people

    In the result, Singara got the highest number of votes and started giving Singara every day in Tiffin..!

    ¤ Moral of the story is –

    As long as 80 percent of people are ambivalent about their selfishness, 20 percent of people will rule them.

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