Fallout 4 Console Commands

    Fallout 4 Console Commands

    Fallout 4 Console Commands -  Hi this is joy from ajkerit.com In this post, We're going to unveil a comprehensive collection of Fallout 4 Console commands. Whether you're a seasoned Wasteland Survivor or a newcomer to the Commonwealth, these commands are sure to enhance your gaming experience. Be sure to subscribe for more captivating content and without further Ado, Let's dive right into the world of Fallout 4 Console Commands: Enter the cheat code Ca Qs to become the Ultimate Quest conqueror.

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    Fallout 4 Console Commands 2024

    Fallout 4 Console Commands

    Complete Quest

    Every Quest completed. Every item obtained in no time, Blood, dust, and grime getting in the way of your view. Enter the clear screen blood command to clear all visual effects from your screen.

    Disable Objects

    The disable command is your stealthy friend hide away any pesky object item or Npc with a simple disable and regain control of your surroundings.

    Enable Objects

    Now let's bring things back into view with the Enable command. If you've hidden an object item or Npc, use Enable to bring it back into the Limelight. Curious about the size of an object item or Npc?

    Print Size of Objects

    Run the get scale command and watch as the current scale is printed to the console. The next one is the get selected ref command that prints the reference Id of your selected Target to the console.

    Check whether Target is Vital

    The is Essential command is your litmus test, type it in and if the target is essential, you'll see a one if not a zero. Know your allies from your adversaries.

    Kill Enemies

    The kill command will set the targets Health to zero clearing out all the non-essential Npcs.

    Kill all Unneeded NPCs

    The Kill all command is your ally. dispatch all non-essential Npcs in your proximity. The lock command is your key To sealing off areas, customize lock requirements using the level requirement argument, and keep the game secrets safe.

    Lock Secret Areas

    Sweet the open Actor container. One command is your Backstage Pass.

    Control Target’s inventory

    Open an interface showing the target's inventory and equipped items. You can transfer items to your player's inventory by simply dragging them into yours. Want to beef up your inventory?

    Boost Player Inventory

    Type in player. add item command followed by the item code and amount. Add a one at the end and you'll be hoarding without the hassle of confirmation [Music] messages the player. Kill Command is here to Humble you.

    Kill Your Character

    Type it in and your health drops to zero. Sending you to that great vault in the sky. Be careful where you use this one. Run the player. remove all items and wave goodbye to that excess baggage and embrace the clean inventory the player.

    Set Level of Character

    Set level cheat is here to set your character's level to whatever you desire and become Fallout's True Apex Survivor. You should specify the level after entering the command the player. Sex Change Command is your go-to for a quick change up toggle between male and female at the snap of your fingers.

    Exit from game

    The Quit Game command is your exit ticket. Wrap up your adventures by running this simple command to get any dead Npc back to life in Fallout 4.

    Revive dead NPC

    Run the Resurrect command, execute the Scrap All command to sweep away all scrapable items and objects in the loaded map cells, Capture the moment with the screenshot command, Freeze Frame your current screen, and immortalize those epic scenes.

    Take Screenshot

    Next up, set Game Hour 2. Let lets you control the time of day, adjust the hour 0 to 24, and embrace Fallout 4 under the cover of Darkness or the harsh light of day.

    Adjust Time of the Day

    Next up, run the set scale followed by the multiplier value to adjust the scale of your targeted objects, items, or NPCs.

    Resize the targeted Objects

    You can use one for default 05 to make it half or two to double the size.

    Flip the Gender of character

    The Sex Change command flips the gender of your target male to female or vice versa. To enable or disable map markers, players can run show all map markers followed by the enable or disable command in the console and help them make fast travel and Breeze through the Landscapes.

    Toggle Map Markers

    To redefine your character's appearance, you can run show looks, menu player one command in the console running the show Special menu command will open up the special menu where you can alter your character's name and tweak those all important special points.

    Open Special Menu

    Running the spawn dupe can spawn an identical duplicate of your target.

    Clone Your Target

    Execute the Sqt command to spill the beans on your current Quest targets and their Associated Quest.

    Reveal Targets

    Ids run the Tiai command to toggle the AI on or off for the Target.

    Toggle Artificial Intelligence

    When an AI is disabled, the target freezes until its AI is re-enabled Execute the T Detect command with a Target selected before to apply the effect only to them or without a Target to affect all actors in the vicinity.

    Apply Effects to Target

    Need to toggle on or off The Fog of War Execute the Tf command in your console, execute the toggle controls driven command to take control of the target character, execute it again to release control.

    Control Takeover

    Running the Toggle Fly Cam command followed by freeze value will enable or disable free Cam mode to explore the world around your character independently.

    Toggle Freecam Mode

    The freeze value is optional though if you specify one, all animation will be frozen. Whilst in the fly cam mode to toggle on or off the game pause, you can run the Toggle Game Pause command.

    Game Pause Toggle

    You can become an Unstoppable force with toggle God Mode which actually toggles invincibility for your character.

    Toggle in-game Grass

    The Toggle Grass command hides or shows grass. With each execution toggle the visibility for a cleaner or more Lush experience achieve immortality with Toggle Immortal Mode command.

    Make your character Deathless

    After running it, your character will take damage but won't die ensuring you remain a resilient Survivor in the harshest conditions.

    LOD(Level of Detail) Display

    Run the Toggle Lood land command to toggle the display of distant level of detail LOD. For a more immersive visual experience, hide the Ui including the console with this simple toggle menus command to bring it back.

    Hide or Display User Interface

    Just type the command again. The console hotkey remains your secret Gateway even when the Ui is concealed.

    Control Skyline

    Toggle the rendering of the sky by running the Toggle Sky  command to toggle on or off Run the Toggle wireframe command in your console.

    Toggle Wireframe Mode

    The Unequip all lets you unequip all items currently worn by the Target and neatly places them in the Target's inventory.

    Deactivate Items worn by Target

    An instant wardrobe makeover for the discerning [Music] Warrior running this simple command called unlock will open up doors, safes, containers, or terminals for you.

    Access Closed with Unlock

    No need to Fumble with keys. And that concludes our exploration of console commands for Fallout.

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