Women's World Cup 2023 Groups Schedule

Women's World Cup 2023 Groups update Schedule list.

    Women's World Cup 2023 groups - The ninth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup is kicking off in Australia and New Zealand for an exciting month-long tournament.

    This year, the competition will embrace many new changes, such as expanding from the former 24 teams to a full 32 – now the same size as the men’s tournament – and being hosted by two different countries.

    The pressure is on to see if any team who have won the past two tournaments can successfully dethrone the United States. The Americans have finished on the podium in every Women’s World Cup, winning four times.

    As the event starts with the group stages, we have predicted the results for who will proceed to the knockouts and possibly head on to win the whole thing.

    The United States are the favourites to win their third successive World Cup, with England and Germany following as the second and third highest odds. But the following countries will try to unseat the current world leaders in women's football.

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    Women's World Cup 2023 Groups

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group A 

    With the host nation playing in the opening match of the 2019 Women's World Cup, Group A is a very exciting group.

    Despite the possibility that they would benefit from the enthusiasm of the home audience, I would be shocked to see New Zealand advance from the group. The host nation is always a fun choice.
    The two clear favourites are Norway and Switzerland, and despite Norway's superior quality, Switzerland will prevail. In any case, neither will advance past the group stages.

    Final Standings:

    • Switzerland
    • Norway
    • New Zealand
    • Philippines

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group B 

    With its home advantage and exceptional talent, Australia is considered a favourite to win the tournament. The Matildas are ready to compete with the best, thanks to stars like Sam Kerr and Ellie Carpenter.

    Canada stands in the way. They are currently rated seventh in the world and will probably return to battle after their dismal loss to Sweden in the knockout stage of the 2019 competition.
    The Republic of Ireland, who are making their group debut this year, will have their work cut out for them because they will face the hosts on the first day of play. I'm convinced Nigeria can challenge them for third because of their prior World Cup experience.

    Final Standings:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Nigeria
    • Republic of Ireland

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group C 

    This group is vying to be dubbed the "Group of Death," the unofficial moniker fans give to the squad they consider to be the most challenging. 
    Groups D and B could also be considered superior, but this group tops them all with its diversity of brilliant nations.

    Costa Rica has great defence and plenty of experience playing the reigning champions. Spain and Japan should be the favourites, but without a doubt, it will be interesting. Unfortunately, Zambia's first Women's World Cup appearance will be short-lived because they are the tournament's lowest-ranked nation.

    Final Standings:
    • Japan
    • Costa Rica 
    • Spain
    • Zambia

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group D 

    This group, along with group C, is frequently called the "Group of Death," and I agree.

    Although China, Denmark, and Haiti will all have much to say about it, the defending European champions England should have no trouble getting out of this group.

    Despite their ranks, Denmark and Haiti are superior. China is at a disadvantage because they have yet to defeat a European team this year, but they'll have two chances to make up for it.

    Final Standings:
    • England
    • Denmark
    • Haiti
    • China

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group E 

    This group features a matchup between the winner and runner-up of the previous Women's World Cup right away in the group stage, making it the most thrilling.

    The Americans are the overwhelming favourites to win the competition for the third time. They represent an outstanding powerhouse and compete confidently because they have won more Women's World Cups than any other country. 

    Unpopular as it may sound, the USA's blend of seasoned veterans and fresh faces will not be able to recapture their winning formula from the previous eight years and win the trophy for a third time. But I envision them emerging victorious from their group.

    The odds favour the American because Vivianne Miedema, the standout attacker for Oranje, is out with an ACL injury. Pitting their seasoned talents, such as Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, against the younger Dutch team seemed a surefire strategy for success.

    The race for third will be interesting because Vietnam and Portugal are also making their World Cup debuts. But I'll give the victory to Portugal in this contest.

    Final Standings:
    • United States
    • The Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Vietnam

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group F 

    Brazil and France, two top-ranked nations in women's soccer, are in for a fierce matchup.

    While neither team is widely predicted to make it to the final in the long run, they’ll certainly show an interesting fight in the group stage to get a more advantageous spot in the round of 16. Both teams have shown incredible talent in the past and will surely continue to do so.

    Jamaica and Panama will likely be fighting for third, considering Jamaica’s loss of all three games in the last Women’s World Cup and Panama making their debut. 

    Final Standings:
    • France
    • Brazil
    • Jamaica
    • Panama

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group G 

    Sweden, currently ranked number three globally, will be a force to reckon with in this world cup. Despite their fierce competition, it's not difficult to picture them dominating the group.

    South Africa will be participating in their second-ever Women’s World Cup, and their lack of experience may harm their chances of escaping the group.

    The most thrilling competition will be between Italy and Argentina to see who will finish second and go to the knockout round. Argentina has had more recent victories while having a lower place in the world rankings than Italy, which has been having trouble for a while. Argentina will go to the round of 16, while Italy will be eliminated.

    Final Standings:
    • Sweden
    • Argentina
    • Italy
    • South Africa

    Women's World Cup 2023 Group H 

    This is one of the easiest groups to predict, as it’s not even a debate about who will finish first.

    Germany will easily win the competition and overwhelm its rivals.

    They might encounter some difficulty from South Korea (perhaps drawing inspiration from the men's team, who advanced to the round of 16 from the same group as Germany and finally eliminated a strong German team from the World Cup). 

    Although Colombia and Morocco might make a splash, I'll play it safe and choose that obvious option.

    Final Standings:
    • Germany
    • South Korea
    • Colombia
    • Morocco

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