Powerball jackpot jumps to an estimated $1 billion

     Powerball jackpot - Well, we have some breaking news. Who wants to be a billionaire would be nice? Well, you still have a chance at Champaign wishes and caviar dreams after No one wins the Powerball drawing overnight. Jessica Gray is joining us to live out in Moon Township. She's at sheets there, Jess. More people are going to be stopping today to get those tickets. We might even see lines in our area. Yeah, I think we will. Next time or last time, the Powerball was high. I saw some lines in gas stations so they will be very busy today.

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    Powerball jackpot jumps to an estimated $1 billion

    You would be out of luck if you were hoping to discover you had won the jackpot when you woke up. But now you have a chance to become a billionaire.

    Powerball jackpot jumps to an estimated $1 billion

    In the Powerball drawing held last night, nobody managed to match all the numbers. The prize for tomorrow is now anticipated to exceed $1 billion. If you'd rather get a lump sum cash payment, it's about 517 million. The jackpot is the third largest in Powerball history and the seventh highest in U.S. lottery history. According to the Powerball website, your chance of winning the jackpot is one in 292 million. The odds are not in your favour clearly, but you can only win if you play. Look at last night's winning numbers: 5, 8, 9, 17, 41 and Red Powerball 21. There are nine additional possibilities to win money, so check your tickets even though the jackpot was not won. Someone in Pennsylvania did win one million dollars last night after matching all five numbers. The next drawing will be tomorrow night at 10 59 and Eric and David, wouldn't it be nice to win this? Oh my gosh, it's my It's like mind-boggling What? Just if you won, what would you do with a billion dollars? That's a hard decision, But I will stick with the animals here. I'd buy a bunch of Land Rescue, cats and dogs, some I don't know, alpacas or something. They're pretty cool. I don't know. Oh, and they're not even that expensive. You could get a lot of tons of them.

    Yes, Who would you tell first? Yeah, Oh, who would you tell first? What did you say? Who would you tell first? Oh gosh, my dad and her husband. He'll tell you what to do. Jess, He'll tell you what to do. I love it, Jess. All right. Share if you win.

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